Entomo Helvetica is a Swiss entomological journal published by cantonal entomological societies and other institutions. It includes contributions on the ecology and faunistics of insects and other arthropods from Switzerland and its neighboring countries.more

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About us

In 2008, Entomo Helvetica arose from a merger of the scientific and financial resources of three local Swiss entomological journals: Mitteilungen der Entomologischen Gesellschaft Basel (1951-2008), Entomologische Berichte Luzern (1979-2007), and the Bulletin Romand d’Entomologie (1981-2008).

The increase in printing and shipping costs, difficulties in finding articles to publish, and the retirement of certain editors threatened the survival of these limited edition journals. The idea was thus born to unite existing resources to create a new journal, published on a wider scale and aimed at local Swiss entomological societies and other interested entomologists, amateur and professional alike.

Since its inception, Entomo Helvetica has been considered as complementary to The Journal of the Swiss Entomological Society, edited by the SEG (Swiss Entomological Society). Our goal is to serve as the publishing arm for local entomological societies and other entomologists; we reserve a large space for communications from local societies, such as outing reports, annual reports, etc. Published contributions, either full-length articles or short notes, deal with local entomological fauna (either Swiss or that of neighboring countries) and include such topics as local and regional inventories, the evolution of entomofauna, observations of new species, original collecting methods, etc. Articles are published in the national languages of Switzerland, with abstracts in English, German, French, and even Italian. Much importance is placed on the inclusion of color photographs, which contribute to the appeal of the journal. Articles of international interest, however, including descriptions of new taxa, taxonomic name changes and other important taxonomic and systematic decisions, are more appropriate for publication in The Journal of the Swiss Entomological Society than in Entomo Helvetica.

Editorial societies

Entomologische Gesellschaft Basel, Entomologische Gesellschaft Luzern, Entomologische Gesellschaft Zürich, Entomologischer Verein Alpstein, Entomologischer Verein Bern, Groupe entomologique de la Murithienne (VS), Natur-Museum Luzern, Società Entomologica della Svizzera Italiana (TI), Société entomologique de Genève, Swiss Entomological Society, Société fribourgeoise d’entomologie, Société neuchâteloise d’entomologie, Société vaudoise d’entomologie