Entomo Helvetica is a Swiss entomological journal published by cantonal entomological societies and other institutions. It includes contributions on the ecology and faunistics of insects and other arthropods from Switzerland and its neighboring countries.more

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Editorial team


Rainer Neumeyer
079 262 79 81
Email: info@entomohelvetica.ch

Editors (German)

Daniel Burckhardt, daniel.burckhardt@bs.ch
Andreas Kopp, koppandy@bluewin.ch
Daniel Roesti, daniel.roesti@bluewin.ch
Eva Sprecher-Uebersax, eva.sprecher@bs.ch

Editors (French)

Yannick Chittaro, yannick.chittaro@unine.ch
Vivien Cosandey, vivien.cosandey@bluewin.ch
Anne Freitag, Anne.Freitag@vd.ch
Laurent Juillerat, juillerat.l@bluewin.ch
Denise Studemann, denise.studemann@gmail.com

Editor (Italian)

Marco Bernasconi, marco.bernasconi@lu.ch

Editor (English)

Jessica Litman, jessica.litman@unine.ch


Franz-Xaver Dillier, fxd@bluewin.ch


Emanuela Leonetti, emanuela.leonetti@unine.ch